Finishing Up the Year

We are enjoying our last week with our students.  Monday we played our annual Staff vs. 5th grade kickball game.  Check out Officer Gelle and Officer Foster joining in.  Truly Brooklyn Park’s finest.  The staff again held off the 5th grade in a tight game.  Please don’t listen to the students about the umpiring.  It was all on the up and up. 🙂BPPD

Tuesday we celebrated our 5th graders with DARE Graduation and Commencement.  It was a fantastic ceremony that showed how much we will miss our 5th grade leaders.  Today we had our All School BBQ and Super Kids Day.  Our chef Tom grilled over 1000 hot dogs and hamburgers for us to enjoy.  A special thanks to our Physical Education teachers, Mrs. Hiestand, Mrs. Carel, and Mrs. Peterson for organizing our activities.  We had a great meal and perfect weather.


Thursday we will do our awards ceremony and sing along and then end the day with yearbook signing.  Another great day to celebrate our Eagles.

Next Year

Thinking ahead to next year, our license staff is set. I have attached a list of teachers for 2017-18.  Woodland Licensed Staff  We also want families to know that we will announce teachers differently next fall.  You will find out your student’s teacher through the mail before Open House on Wednesday, August 30th.  We’ll remind you of that with a phone call in the fall.

It has been an incredible year full of learning and fun.  Thank you all for your support.

Toni Beckler, Woodland Elementary Principal