Wrapping Up At Woodland

We are wrapping up our 16-17 school year today.  Our office will close at 3:30 today and won’t open back up until July 31st.  Kidstop will be in the building all summer so no quiet hallways and rooms, just quiet office.  Planning for the 17-18 year is well on its way and I am excited already.

Woodland Family

As I reflect on this school year, one moment stands out.  During interviews this year one of our candidates asked us what we liked about working at Woodland.  Around the table full of classroom and office staff, everyone had the same answer.  Woodland feels like a family.  I am very proud of that answer and I hope everyone feels the same.  Woodland is a family, for better and for worse.  There is no book that tells us how to do ‘family’, you just do the best you can through love and caring.  We don’t always get it right but family allows us to learn and grow and try again.

For those of you leaving the family (staff, students, and parents) this is not goodbye.  You will always be a part of who we are and what we do.  As distance separates us you will be missed but still part of this incredible family we have built.


So go enjoy your summer.  My family is taking a quick trip to Chicago and then will spend a week running my family’s bowling alley in Iowa.  Otherwise we will be enjoying all the Twin Cities and Minnesota have to offer.  I hope you all get some quality family time this summer so you are ready to get the best we have to offer when you rejoin the Woodland family in the fall.

Toni Beckler, Woodland Elementary Principal

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