Volunteer Appreciation This morning we had our Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast.  It is a great reminder of the strong Woodland community we want to build here.  Our volunteers put in over 4000 hours each year to help get the important work of Woodland done.  Everything our volunteers do helps a child; whether it is stapling Wednesday Mail … More 4/28/17


Spring is Here What a beautiful weekend.  The rain helped green everything up in the Sunday sunshine.  My family is anxious to get outside work done but think it is a little early yet.  We did get some flower beds cleared and some mulch put down. Woodland has finished the MCA Reading test and are … More 4/17/17


Earth Day is Coming.  Plant a Tree With Woodland. A message from our Green Team.  Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to plant a tree with your child and the rest of Woodland Elementary. Hello families, Woodland Elementary is participating in the 8th Annual Neighborhood Forest program, whose aim is to provide free trees … More 4/10/17


Woodland Carnival! It is that time.  Woodland’s Carnival is Friday, April 7th from 5:30 to 8:30.  This is one of our two big PTO events of the year.  It is pure fun for all involved.  We hope you can bring your whole family to Woodland for some fun games, great prizes, good food, and to … More 4/5/17


Welcome Back I hope everyone had a fabulous Spring Break.  I had the pleasure of taking my parents down to Texas to meet their first great grand daughter.  It was a great trip filled with creating family memories.  I hope you were able to make family memories during this week also.  We start back to school … More 3/30/17


Beach Day! We earned our Beach Day today.  Tomorrow, Friday the 24th, we will celebrate the over 1000 SOAR slips we’ve earned in the last two weeks with some good music, colorful clothing, and warm thoughts.  Remember it is still going to be cold at recess so dress and pack your students accordingly. Fuel Up … More 3/23/17


First Day of Spring We have officially come to Spring.  This year is going so fast.  We are putting in overtime this week as we come into Spring Break (March 25-April 2) and testing season.  We are getting in those quality academics as well as asking for exemplary behavior. A few years back when we … More 3/20/17